Best Plant Shops in Nashville

Just admit it: we're all a succa for a good houseplant. 

They improve the air, add balance to any room, and it's been proven that caring for your greenery can actually reduce stress ('member, 2020?). If you're a total pothead in need of a new best bud, stop by these local independent plant and flower shops to grow a little happiness around your house aka home office. 

We're rooting for you!

Flora Plant Shop

305 E. Trinity Lane, Ste. 103

An adorable plant shop to get the best greenery. They've got some very interesting plants you might not find at bigger chain plant shops, like some really cool monsteras and fiddle leaf figs. The best part-- you don't need to be a seasoned green thumb to find the perfect plant. The staff is super friendly, organizing plants by how much light they need and sending you home with a care card on how to tend to your new flora.

Hewitt Garden and Design Center

2525 Hillsboro Rd

This family-owned center has got aisles upon aisles full of both indoor and outdoor plants. We'd recommend going here if you looking for large flora for your room, especially if you're on the market for some big fern friends. But they've also got cactus and flowers, big and small. Don't forget to grab one of their stylish and cute pots to serve as a pretty new home for your new plant.

Gardens of Babylon

900 Rosa L Parks Blvd.

Right next to the Nashville farmer's market, this local plant shop is the go-to place for starting your outdoor garden. Fill your backyard with rosemary, sage, collards or kale -- they've seriously got it all. We recommend trying your hand at planting some of their awesome peppers. You can even order some plants for curbside pick up, but if you go in the store you're certain to be met with some botanical wizards. 

Bates Nursery and Garden Center

3810 Whites Creek Pike

Walking into this place, you may be overwhelmed (in the best possible way) by all the vegetation surrounding you. Not only do they have your typical ficus and succulents to brighten up the room, but, if you're looking for some creative outdoor shrubbery, this is the place. Give yourself ample time to browse the beautiful botanics, as this place is big!


5133 Harding Pike

If your place needs some beautiful and bright flower energy, stop by Belle Meade's FLWR shop. Their arrangements of peonies and garden roses can help transform any dull office space into an ethereal fairy garden -- and who wouldn't want to work there?! Complete the picture by grabbing some lavender bundles on your way out. Now, that's relaxation.

Flower Mart

4503 Harding Pike

Hello, and welcome to house plant heaven. No matter the season, the Flower Mart's got the perfect selection of flora and fauna to make your home a lil happier.  You'll fall in love with their marigolds, marvel at their cacti and leave with a lot. We recommend ordering one of their custom made botanical baskets to really brighten the room.


2700 Belmont Blvd.

Want to grab some flowers to grow a budding relationship? Or just want to treat yourself to a beautiful bouquet (which we highly recommend, by the way)? Bloom is a sweet shop for any occasion, with some pretty sweet staff, too. Their roses are definitely show-stopping material, and you can feel the love in each arrangement. 

Amelia's Flower Truck

Location Varies

We know you've seen this mobile vintage flower truck around town and let out an audible "Awww!" Us, too. Not only is a trip to this flower truck absolutely gram-able, it also has sunflowers to make you swoon. We love how you get to pick your own bouquet, but it's also a nice treat to order their Amelia's bag of surprises online. 

Lawrence and Clarke Cacti Co.

2003 Old Hickory Blvd

Okay, you may have guessed it, but this is the place to go to for the very best cacti. For the folks with minimal light leaking through their windows, this shop is the place to find the low-light plant friend you desperately need. They've got a succulent in every shape and size, but we're personally fans of the swirly looking ones.

JVI Secret Gardens

227 Donelson Pike

A Nashville gem for over 12 years, this garden's got a bit of everything for plant lovers. From perennials to seasonal favorites, from houseplants to cacti, the family-owned store is a one-stop-shop for all your greenery needs. They've got a plant of the week to learn about each time you visit, but you can always count on them to be in stock with some beautiful coneheads.

A Village of Flowers

1712 21st Ave S

Located in Hillsboro, this classy shop uses flowers as their love language. Their flower arrangements are sure to bring beauty and comfort to any spot in your home -- especially as an eye-catching table centerpiece. Their zinnias are dreamy, and you can always count on them to have a lovely orchid in stock just for you.

Foiled and Fern

1210 2nd Ave N

Hear us out: a place for haircare AND houseplants. That's right, at Foiled and Fern, you can get yourself a new doo and leave with a ficus, all in one trip. They've got a pretty neat collection of cacti, and, of course, all the ferns you could want for. Take yourself out on a self-care day here.

Rebel Hill Florist

4821 Trousdale Dr.

A charming shop to pick up a classy centerpiece or just to add a splash of color into your life. We love their "Serene Dream", an arrangement of white and green hydrangea and roses. But, if you're more of the succulent type, we recommend their desktop succulent garden -- perfect to bring some life to your home desk.

The Farmer's Florist

1411 Buchanan St

Bouquets don't come in a more beautiful form. All of Nashville's local flowers are available through this farm's delivery service. We recommend indulging yourself in some of their more eccentric and unique arrangements, because they've got serious wildflower power here. 

Import Flowers

3636 Murphy Rd

Think you're capable of putting together a pretty bomb bouquet? Import Flowers has all the tools for a DIY flower arrangement night. Order their Flower Box to be delivered to your doorstep and take your first step towards being your friends' personal florist. Or stop in the shop for some of their specialty roses.

Martin's Home and Garden

1020 NW Broad St

While this Murfreesboro favorite may have a stunning collection of perennials, it also has the perfect-sized houseplant for your windowsill. Stop by the brick and mortar and you may even get a glimpse of their adorable pug while you pick out some pansies. Look out for the occasional pop-ups they have in their  blue Botanical Beetle -- a Volkswagen filled to the brim with flowers!

Creekside Garden Center

106 Harding Pl.

Creekside's got the best of both worlds: plants for indoor and outdoor. Start your trip browsing hydrangea and mums and then work your way across the street to an unbeleafable indoor selection.  Orchids, succulents, tropicals -- they're all here. We love their hanging basket selections, perfect to spruce up your porch stoop.

Yarrow Acres

424 Main St. Franklin

It's impossible to leave empty handed. The selections here are so unique, with great prices, and you will be sure to receive compliments on everything you buy here. Stop by to find your new favorite green friends.

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