About Us / FAQ

About Us:

Do615 the Nashville edition of DoStuff Media. We aim to be the go-to place for finding out what’s going down in town. From concerts to comedy, film to food, and charity events to gallery openings, Do615 is the one-stop destination for planning your week or promoting your event. We are constantly giving away free tickets, goodies, and exclusive invites to our active and outspoken users. Signing up is free and allows users to discover and promote events, share their picks with others, buy tickets online, and be the first to know about all the awesome happenings throughout Music City. Every week we bring you the best in local arts and culture as curated by the on-the-ground Nashville-based team and the national DoStuff Network.

How Events Are Ranked:

We list calendar events on our front page based on popular vote and recommendations made by select tastemakers in town (who we'll explain more about below). To vote for an event, simply click the "ADD" button on the event listing. The more people vote for an event, the more popular it will become. The most voted on events will naturally rise to the top!

Where Our Events Come From:

The events on Do615 come from a number of places. We pull shows from band and venue websites and scour the internet ceaselessly looking for unique events. Cool fact: You, as our users, can also add events to the site yourself. Or, just send us a press release and we'll get it up for you. Submit event requests to [email protected] or contact [email protected]

How To Add An Event:

Super easy. Simply click on your profile image in the upper right select "Add Event." Make sure you're logged in first. Then, fill in the blanks. You can upload pictures or posters associated with the event too. Voila!

Here are some tips for making your event listing as effective as possible:

- Do not put the date, location, or time in the title: You are already letting everyone know the when, where, and why in the other fields. Let the title stand out!
- You should also leave the presenter out of the title, we have a special place for that too!
- Choose the Repeat Weekly option only if it is the exact same event on the same day every week: If there are different acts or happenings that you want to specify, it's better to make an individual event each week to make sure everyone knows what kind of awesomeness they are in for.
- On that note, do not put an end date for an event unless it is multiple days. If you put the end date at a later time of the same day, it will get lost at sea in the listings.
- Type slowly in the band and venue fields and take our suggestions in the drop down box: We have hundreds of bands, artists and venues on file, each with pages and videos connected to them, all at your disposal.
- Go nuts on the HTML: Are you a code guru? Our description box supports basic html. Get creative!
- Add a photo: As much as we like our logo or some of the venue logos, people much rather see a visual representation of your event. You have two spots for images: the poster image, which will be located at the bottom of the event and the photo image, which becomes the background image behind the title. We recommend the photo image be 1200px wide and 450px high for the best quality.
- Don't forget to check the spambot box!
Please contact [email protected] for help with adding events.

Do615 Rockstars:

Our Friends with Benefits are the lifeblood for all the cool stuff happening around the city. They're the local media: bloggers, promoters, artists... Essentially, they're the DO-ers in Nashville who make it their job to get you off your ass and into the night. They're so damn good at it, we gave them a voice on Do615. Their votes and events are featured below the event listings for you to see and follow; they'll make sure you're in the know! Follow them and reap the benefits of their friendship.

Ticket Giveaways:

If you enter a ticket giveaway on Do615 and WIN, you will receive an email notification no later than 24 hours before the show. If you've won a contest via our Facebook or Twitter pages, we'll tag you in the winning post no later than 24 hours prior to the show. Please reply to this post confirming or telling us how awesome we are (preferably the latter). That way, we know you're coming!

Contact Us:

We like you.

To give us your 2 cents: [email protected]
Job Opportunities / Internships: [email protected]
To advertise: [email protected]
For editorial and content needs: [email protected]